LaptopAlthough I registered my first domain in 1998, my real interest in domains began three years later. My former employer was a recent casualty of the dot com crash and I decided that it was time to start my own business.

While searching for a good name for my new company, I found that most of the names I wanted were taken and I began to research the expiring domain business to see what I could find there. I purchased a few names at places like NameWinner.com and from lists I made at deleteddomains.com. I also purchased a few more names for related services that I might offer in the future. During this time, I began to notice other good names that I might want to have in case I changed my focus to another segment of the industry.

For the next few years I stayed busy managing my company, but I continued to acquire   additional domain names. Now, more than a decade after my first registration, I have numerous development projects. I also have some names that are simply parked and waiting for development. Today, my focus is acquisition, monetization, and development as well as reading and discussing issues related to the domain name industry.

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