Dec 11 2008

laptop-netsolTen years ago today, I registered my first domain name.   At the time, registrations cost $70 for two years.   Check out the scan of the invoice below.   Also, you did not have to pay right away.   You could actually register a name and they would send you a bill in the mail.   This resulted in the earliest form of “domain tasting” where someone could “register” a name and then try to sell it before they had to pay the bill.   If they sold it, they would pay the bill when it arrived and transfer the name to the buyer.   If they did not sell the name, the would simply not pay the bill.


Also, in case you are wondering, the domain I registered is one I use for my personal email address.   I still like it, but it does not have much resale value.   I didn’t start registering more valuable names until a few years later.

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  1. Shashi Bellamkonda at Network Solutions Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Just came across your post and that made me nostalgic too. Even though I did not work for Network Solutions at that time I probably registered my first domain name around that time 🙂 Boy what a decade and how many changes the world has seen. Thanks for the interesting post.

    Shashi bellamkonda

  2. Shai Neubauer Says:

    Wow thats great.

    Not too many people talk about the past this way. It hurts too much sometimes when you think of the possibilities we had that just a few lucky ones really took advantage of.

  3. Shai Neubauer Says:


    I also registered my first name at about this time that also today has no resale value.

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