Something to Think about…
By Ryan | Posted in Trivia.

I think I will register…23 years ago today, the domain name was registered. Some of you might think you registered your first name a long time ago, but think about this; probably preceded your first registration by a decade or more. Some of you might think you started registering domains too late, but think about this; 23 years from now, someone will be registering their first domain name.

In 1985, the year was registered:

  • The Web browser had not yet been invented
  • Windows 1.0 was released, and Microsoft was a privately held company
  • Ronald Reagan was president of the United States
  • Mikhail Gorbachev became the Soviet leader
  • New Coke was released. Anyone remember that?
  • Back to the Future was the top grossing film
  • The Berlin Wall was still up

So, what were you thinking about in 1985?


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Microsoft should buy CNet
By Ryan | Posted in News.

Microsoft.cnetThe Microsoft-Yahoo merger is not working out, and the guys at Microsoft seem like they don’t really know what to do. This is not surprising though, as they have yet to put together a successful search engine strategy. Their MSN Search is now Microsoft Live Search, online at I wonder why they picked “” as the name though. Sure it is a great domain, but wouldn’t it be better used as a video site or social network? The much more obvious name for a search engine is, and CNet owns it.

The CNet-CBS deal is not finalized, and if CNet receives a higher offer, they can take it. Instead of Microsoft paying users to use their sub-par search engine, why not use a few bucks from their cash reserves and buy CNet. It won’t necessarily fix their search problems, but it will give them a solid foundation for future online services such as: – to compete with Google – wildcard it to bring more visitors to – to compete with Apple iTunes – to promote their software – also to promote their software – to promote Windows operating system – for customer support – to promote Windows live messenger – to help them get into the living room with interactive tv

No doubt they will miss this opportunity though. They started by underestimating the importance of the Internet, and they obviously underestimate the power of great generic domain names. Oh well, maybe one day they will realize what they missed and perhaps they can just buy CBS. 😉

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