May 21 2008
Microsoft should buy CNet
By Ryan | Posted in News.

Microsoft.cnetThe Microsoft-Yahoo merger is not working out, and the guys at Microsoft seem like they don’t really know what to do. This is not surprising though, as they have yet to put together a successful search engine strategy. Their MSN Search is now Microsoft Live Search, online at I wonder why they picked “” as the name though. Sure it is a great domain, but wouldn’t it be better used as a video site or social network? The much more obvious name for a search engine is, and CNet owns it.

The CNet-CBS deal is not finalized, and if CNet receives a higher offer, they can take it. Instead of Microsoft paying users to use their sub-par search engine, why not use a few bucks from their cash reserves and buy CNet. It won’t necessarily fix their search problems, but it will give them a solid foundation for future online services such as: – to compete with Google – wildcard it to bring more visitors to – to compete with Apple iTunes – to promote their software – also to promote their software – to promote Windows operating system – for customer support – to promote Windows live messenger – to help them get into the living room with interactive tv

No doubt they will miss this opportunity though. They started by underestimating the importance of the Internet, and they obviously underestimate the power of great generic domain names. Oh well, maybe one day they will realize what they missed and perhaps they can just buy CBS. 😉

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  1. Anthony Says:

    This is a good idea and a brilliant post. It’s a shame MSFT does not get what domainers already know. Imagine the might MSFT would have if they spent just $5 billion for CNET and the rest on domain portfolios that could rival Kevin Ham’s or Frank Schilling’s or both. Frank Schilling essentially has his own search engine from the aggregate traffic from his domains. This is such a critical time in history for them to still be able to do that. In a year or two, this might not even be possible if they wanted to go this route.

  2. Andrew R Says:

    I like the idea. What’s it to them – not much. And these domains are perfect for Microsoft.

    Then they could also take 350 million US visitors and cut them all a check for $125 each to use their engine for a year. I bet a lot of people would take them up on that. (A spin on today’s earlier news of rebates)

  3. Wesley Anderson Says:

    I heard that Microsoft ARE actually a bit clued up about generic domains. Check out this article (which relates to their purchase of

    Make no mistake – Microsoft realizes the value of generic domain names.

    Kornblum has been active in the domain industry for a while and recently spoke on a panel at a Domain Roundtable conference. “We’ve been watching and will continue to watch closely [the domain industry],” he said, referring to Microsoft’s interest in the domain name market. “It’s an industry that’s been at the cutting edge of advertising and technology for a long time.”

    But I do think you’re right – Microsoft getting their hands on that generic domain portfolio could make things really interesting.

  4. Ryan Says:

    Thanks for the comment. It is interesting to hear them say that, but I am still not convinced that they understand domain names. is a great domain, but it does not mean search. Using is almost like saying, “we know our search sucks, but if we pay you, will you use it?”

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