Apr 21 2008

DomainerCon Atlanta - A FREE Domainer Networking ConferenceWhat is DomainerCon?
It’s an open invitation domainer networking conference in Atlanta. Meet, greet, and network to your hearts content.

Where’s it gonna be held?
We’re hosting it in a social room in the Blue Ridge Grill. It holds about 50 people, so if we receive more registrations than that, we’ll have to relocate.

How much is it?
Nothing. It’s free. Just register and you’ll receive the invitation and event information.

Who’s hosting this event?
Ryan & Peter are your fine hosts for this event. Peter and Ryan enjoy networking with other domainers, so they thought it might be fun to host a free event in Atlanta.

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2 Responses

  1. Cesar Says:

    If you didn’t have luck with domains, you would be a great comedian, like…. yes Sienfeld.

  2. Cesar Says:

    Well…. and it seems I don’t know how to use the comment part of a blog.
    My comment was to the “No adsense for you” picture.

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