Sep 3 2008

Check out this great video by the guys at If you thought all the good names were taken, think again, …AND get your credit card ready!


Also, check out the Domain Name Dollar Store online at

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  1. Matt Says:


    : )

  2. Jamie Parks Says:

    HA!… GREAT deals!

  3. Ryan Says:

    Are you ready for more good news! All of the names featured in this video are available to register: isn’t available but is!

    Please note: If you are actually thinking of registering or any of these other names, please put down your mouse and step away from the computer!

  4. ben Says:

    i like the google part. haha

  5. Pure Says:

    *Reaches for credit card…and slices wrist with it…*

    That was awesome. I think I’ve seen some of those on the Namepros appraisal sub-forum.

  6. Drop What You’re Doing, Watch This Video » The Domainer’s Gazette Says:

    […] […]

  7. markus941 Says:

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all week – and so spot on.

    Pretty slick production values too (Pssst, is available)

  8. markus941 Says:

    Oh, and Brand bucket might not find this commercial very funny:

    (please pardon the blatant self promotion)

  9. Wordpress Theme Says:

    great – thanks for posting.
    reminds me of looking through the ebay “premium” domain lists

  10. Dumb Domainer Says:

    haha, hilarious!

  11. J.R. Jackson (a.k.a. MLM's $8-Million Man) Says:

    Funny as hell.


  12. Ryan Says:

    Well, it finally happened. Someone registered and Now lets just wait and see who registers the amazing group of names. 😛

  13. Ryan Says:

    According to, the following names are no longer available:

  14. Rhonda Holland Says:

    The only thing this video is missing is how those great domain names could earn millions of dollars in the next 30 days. Now buy my $97 ebook to get all the facts. LOL

  15. Chirag Says:

    That was awesome. I think I’ve seen some of those on the Namepros appraisal sub-forum.

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