Mar 15 2008

Symbolics.comThe oldest continually registered .com domain name turns 23 today. was first registered on March 15, 1985 by Symbolics, Inc., a public company that produced computer systems for running and developing object-oriented programs in Lisp. It designed and built workstations and created an object-oriented operating system and development environment called “Genera” to run on those computer systems. What does all that mean? I am not really sure, but the domain name has never expired or dropped and it is now owned by a privately held company which got the domain name when it acquired the assets and intellectual property of Symbolics, Inc.

Bonus Trivia: Although is the oldest publicly registered domain, was created several months earlier by the registry to be used as the first root server (registered January 1, 1985). 💡

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  1. Damir Says:

    Woow I can not believe it that a domain name is that old.

    23 years ago I was a kid playing with the atari tv game console.

    This post is a nice flashback post.

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