Feb 18 2008
Happy Birthday Sevenmile.com
By Ryan | Posted in Blogs.

One year ago today, Frank Schilling wrote his first post on SevenMile.com:

So it’s February 17th 2007 and I don’t have a blog. The morning of the 18th I got a very nice note:

“Hi Frank. I read your article “The Closing Window: A Historical Analysis of Domain Tasting” and it is one of the best pieces of domain advice I’ve read in a long time. Do you have a personal website or other ways where you might publish news or advice that I can bookmark and follow? …”

…from somebody asking where they can read the odd stuff I write and realized I don’t have such a place. Well I do now.
Posted on February 18th, 2007 in Miscelaneous Ramblings


This post and the ones that followed soon became daily reading for me. His insights and thoughts have encouraged individuals, promoted the domain industry as a whole, and inspired a new generation of bloggers. It is now one year later, and to start the first post on my new blog I would like to say thanks for sharing your thoughts Frank, and happy first birthday sevenmile. 😉

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