Jun 20 2008
UUOPD – Mix.com
By Ryan | Posted in UUOPD.

Mix.comToday’s UUOPD (Unusual Usage of Premium Domains) website is Mix.com. Mix is not just a three letter domain, it is also a word with several uses. Apparently though, the owner thinks the best use is to put a picture of a girl in a bunny suit with a couple of fire extinguishers, next to a picture of a daffy duck jack-in-the-box Christmas ornament. I am starting to think that in order to get these images, the owner just went to Google image search, clicked the “I’m feeling lucky” button, and then did not get lucky.

Moving on, we see a couple of links that say “What we do” and link to Barnes and Noble. The link shows results for a search on Barnes and Noble for the search term “Bill Youdleman.” According to whois, Bill is the owner of this site. According to the Barnes and Noble website, he is an engineer on these CDs, which I guess explains why he registered this domain name.

Seriously though, congrats to Bill for having the foresight to register such a great name seventeen years ago, in 1991. :mrgreen:

2 Responses

  1. Wordpress Theme Says:

    “clicked the “I’m feeling lucky” button, and then did not get lucky…”

    great, lol.

  2. Domain Name Industry Participant Says:

    I am a professional domainer and I need to contact you with a quick private request. I could not find the Contact Us form on your site, and so I’m hoping you can reply to this message from an email address where I can reach you. I am not trying to sell you anything. We would like to include your site in a domain industry publication, and I need your permission first.


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