Mar 14 2008
By Ryan | Posted in domain names.

Offline!If you have ever wondered who owns, I have the answer for you – Network Solutions. They are in the business of selling domain names, so of course they have pointed to a page on their site where you can register domain names right? Wrong. It is simply not being used and does not resolve to anything.

I would imagine the conversation inside Network Solutions went something like this:

NetSol IT Guy: Wow, we own, maybe we should redirect that to our home page.

NetSol Marketing Guy: No way, IT guy. You see, it is all about branding, and we do not want to dilute our brand. We are much more than domain names and pointing to our home page would simply reinforce the perception that we only sell domain names.

NetSol IT Guy: Yeah, but aren’t the people that visit looking for a product that we sell? And, earlier this year, weren’t we so desperate for new domain registrations that we started domain name front running?

NetSol Marketing Guy: Obviously, you have a lot to learn about branding. Anyway, no time to talk, I gotta call my buddy at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and make sure they are not diluting their brand by using their domain –

I understand that many premium domain names are parked or in development, but if you are a corporation that owns a premium domain name that directly relates to one of your products or services, why not take advantage of that?

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  1. Sammy Ashouri Says:

    LOL. Hilarious!

  2. Sammy Ashouri Says:

    P.S: I see you are on now… I actually checked to see if was available last week! :)!

    ***Update by Ryan***
    Yep, I am new to wordpress but Francois was helpful getting my feed to work with Regarding the domain name “” – It was registered 7 years ago but I recently purchased it from our good friends at BuyDomains.

  3. Inforcom Says:

    I wish I owned that name,

    But again this goes to reinforce the notion that when it comes to your business, you can either choose to:

    Go with brand name

    Or choose a name with the keywords.

    Either strategy works depending on the nature of the business.

  4. Tim Says:

    Nice name here I agree… is a honey.

    ***Update by Ryan***
    I planned to use a different name but in the end I decided that I had to have this one. Thanks for your comments and good luck with your blog and your geo forum.

  5. Damir Says:

    Your post is very funny.
    Keep up the GREAT work

  6. Steve S Says:

    Nice mid-day laughter – keep up the good work. Death to the Frontrunners!!!

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